Reveal Consulting
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Reveal Consulting


Revealing the worth and potential of every person

Many people do not know how to support individuals with disabilities in their organization, school, or even family.


Providing training and sharing information

By sharing information, we can equip you to care for those around you who have a disability.

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Creating access to care and community

Many people with disabilities and their families feel isolated from their community. There are many ways to get involved in the community and find care and support.


Our Mission

At Reveal Consulting, our goal is to reveal the worth and potential of individuals with autism and other disabilities by equipping churches, schools, and parents with strategies, as well as providing opportunities for care and community.

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Each and every person is valuable, capable, and has a purpose.

People with disabilities are valuable and capable. We want to come alongside your organization, school, or family to help support and care for those with disabilities. Allowing every person to have a place in their community, access to quality education, and support from those around them is of the utmost importance.

Our mission is executed through providing:

  • Training for church staff and volunteers

  • Advocacy support for families

  • Professional development for teachers